The U.C.W's are no longer active

United Church Women

The United Church Women's groups are a vital part of the Seeley's Bay Pastoral Charge.  They supply treats, food, flowers, and cards to those who are ill or shut in.  Pastoral care is provided through their presence and their prayers.  Catering for funeral receptions, weddings, and community group or family functions help to contribute to their fund raising efforts.

Each U.C.W. group invite you to come out and join them at their meetings and as participants in their various functions.

Lyndhurst U.C.W.

Lyndhurst U.C.W. is an enthusiastic group of women who very much enjoy spending time together as they work in God's way.  They traditionally hold a Christmas Bazaar in November, a festive Christmas Potluck and Social in December, a delicious Turkey Soup and Sandwich Luncheon in September during "Turkey Fair", and host several Retired Teachers Banquets throughout the year.

Their meetings take place on the first Monday of each month either in the Lyndhurst Church Hall or in a member's home if an invitation is extended.  The time of the meeting varies a bit due to the work schedule of some of the members.  From late spring to early fall the meetings usually take place in the evening at 7:30 p.m., and during the remaining months they are usually held at 1:30 p.m.

Olivet U.C.W.

Olivet U.C.W. is a dedicated group of women who work hard at helping their church and community come together in faith.  They are well known for their fabulous Pork Barbecue held annually in August, and for the abundance of wonderful food found at each of their receptions.  Olivet U.C.W. hosts the Parr Christie Singers from Kingston each Advent.

They meet on the first Tuesday of each month (unless changed to accommodate the members) with the exception of September when no meeting is held.  The meetings take place at 1:30 p.m. and are held in the homes of the members.

See Meeting Schedule page for UCW meeting dates.