Born in Hamilton and the only child of Don and Sheila Stiles, Don grew up in a variety of southern Ontario settings, from St. David’s to Georgetown to Newcastle.  His father being a United Church minister, congregational life was a prominent part of Don’s experience as a child and young adult.  His mother, a pediatric nurse, was and continues to be very involved in church activities and is a charter member of the UCW.

     Don took his undergraduate degree in English and History at Trent University in Peterborough and after much consideration entered into the ordination stream of the United Church, completing his Masters of Divinity at Queens Theological College in Kingston in 2005 with a concentration in rural ministry.  Interpreting change in the patterns and rhythms of rural life, especially where urban expansion is reshaping nearby rural communities, continues to be of great interest to Don. 

     After 35 years of living almost exclusively in Ontario, Don was settled in 2005 to the Swift Current Pastoral Charge in eastern Newfoundland.  He found this to be a remarkable and enriching experience, drinking in the extraordinary hospitality of the people and spectacular natural beauty of the island.  However, the Spirit is always moving in every life, and Don has responded and has sought a new covenant relationship with the Seeley’s Bay Pastoral Charge.  He is looking forward to growing with the congregations here as they explore together their role as disciples of Jesus Christ in their communities and in the world.