Seeley's Bay Pastoral Charge Worship Schedule


January 3 2021
10:00 amSBPC Facebook Page
January 10 202110:00amSBPC Facebook Page
January 17 202110:00amSBPC Facebook Page
January 24 2021NO SERVICE
Januar 31 202110:00amSBPC Facebook Page
February 710:00amSBPC Facebook Page
February 1410:00amSBPC Facebook Page
February 2110:00amSBPC Facebook Page
February 2810:00amSBPC Facebook Page
March 710:00amSBPC Facebook Page
March 1410:00amSBPC Facebook Page
March 2110:00amSBPC Facebook Page
March 28
Palm Sunday
10:00amSBPC Facebook Page
April 4
Easter Sunday Sunrisen Service
8:00amSeeley's Bay Public Dock
April 4
Easter Sunday
10:00amSBPC Facebook Page
April 1110:00amSBPC Facebook Page
April 1810:00amSBPC Facebook Page
April 2510:00amSBPC Facebook Page
Until Further Notice10:00amSBPC Facebook Page
June 13
Olivet Cemetery Service
2:00pmOlivet Cemetery
June 20
(No service in Seeley's Bay)
11:00amStorrington Pastoral Charge Facebook Page
Until August 2910:00amSBPC Facebook Page
September 5
Outdoor Service & Sustenance
 * 11:00am *At the Manse
(Bring a lawn chair and picnic lunch)
September 12
Olivet 144th Anniversary
10:00amOlivet United Church
(In-person and recorded)
September 1910:00amOlivet United Church
(In-person and recorded)
September 26
Seeley's Bay 144th Anniversary
10:00amSeeley's Bay United Church
(In-person and recorded)
October 310:00amSeeley's Bay United Church
(In-person and recorded)
December 24
Family Christmas Eve Service
7:30pmOlivet United Church
December 24
Christmas Communion
9:00pmSeeley's Bay United Church

Last Update: June 16 2021