Seeley's Bay Pastoral Charge
Upcoming Events

Please join with us for any or all of the special times in our Church Life - meet and greet your neighbours and share in our Church's life giving spirit!


Olivet United Church Frozen Pie Sale

Deadline for orders is April 22nd. Pick up May 7th

Click here for more details

Sunday April 24th - Olivet United Church Pancake Brunch

11:30am to 1:30pm

Pancakes with maple syrup

Saturday May 21st, 9:00am - Seeley's Bay United Church Bake Sale

157 Main Street, Seeley's Bay (across from the Freshmart)

Saturday June 18th, 8:00am - 12:00pm - Trunk Sale at Seeley's Bay United Church

Sponsored by the Seeley's Bay Pastoral Charge.
For information contact Monique Hartley at or 613-876-4930

Upcoming Benefit Concert for Seeley's Bay Pastoral Charge!

On Sunday July 24 at 7:00pm, Seeley's Bay United Church will host a benefit concert for the Pastoral Charge, performed by Triola Trio

Only $20/person

Tickets on sale now!
Available from;

Chris: (613)387-4048

John: (613)387-3707

Gary: (613)387-3388

Ridgway Confections: 159 Main Street, Seeley’s Bay, (in-store or online)

or via e-Transfer to (Please include your name and # of tickets in the comments section of the e-Transfer)

Unsold tickets will be available for purchase at the door on concert night.

* Doors open at 6:30pm *

Click here for details and the latest update!!

Olivet United Church Pork BBQ
Sunday August 14 2022

At the Olivet church on Hwy 32
Just south of Hwy 15 intersecticn
Takeout and Cash Only

Pre-order for your time to pick up by calling
Cindy at 613-561-8105
Pickup starts at 4 pm
“All orders MUST be in by Thurs July 28,2022 by 5pm.“

Ccst $18.00
BBQ perk, Scallop Potatoes, Baked Beans.
Cob or Corn, Bun and Homemade Pie (your chcice cf Apple, Blueberry, and Raepberry)
Corn Donated by Corn Acre Farms

Chris Murphy Concert
Sunday October 16 2022 @ 2:30pm

Seeley's Bay United Church
129 Hellen Street, Seeley's Bay

$20 per person

For tickets, contact Barb at (613-387-3480) or, Gary Bracken at (613-387-3388) or, or Sue Lackie

(Masks Recommended)

All proceeds go to the Seeley's Bay United Church Pastoral Charge

Seeley's Bay United Church Bake Sale

Seeley's Bay United Church's HOMEMADE pie sale is back, just in time for Thanksgiving!

Apple, Mixed Berry, Blueberry (Frozen and ready to bake) AND
Pumpkin, Pecan (Already baked. Just thaw and serve)

Only $15 each for 9 inch pie.

Pick up or local delivery from October 3rd to the 8th.

Pick up or local delivery from October 3rd to the 8th.

To order, please call Barb (613-387-3480) or Chris (613-387-4048).

Order early! Only a limited number of pies will be available.

Cut-off for orders is Monday September 26th or until sold out.

Annual Benefit Talent Auction
Saturday November 12 2022 @ 5:30pm

Seeley’s Bay United Church

Items can be viewed online at

 Browse from 5:30 to 6:30, auction begins at 6:30 pm. This is a fundraiser for the pastoral charge and your generous contributions to this fun event are most appreciated

All proceeds go to the Seeley's Bay United Church Pastoral Charge

Olivet Christmas Bake Sale

Order November 1st to 25th
Pickup December 10th from 10am to 12pm

Seeley's Bay Savoury Pie Sale

Ordering begins November 14th

Bob Burtch Concert

January 29th @ Seeley's Bay Community Hall